Off-site Backup : Secure. Automatic. Worry-free.

This is something I really can’t stress enough. There are computers everywhere these days with all kinds of important, irreplaceable data, and most people think about backing up at best about as often as they think about going to the dentist — if they do at all. Would you be worried if your computer didn’t turn on tomorrow morning?

Everyone knows they’re supposed to back-up their files, especially the really important ones, like photos, music, and email, but people rarely do. Usually it’s not done because of the hassle of finding your flash drive or external hard drive, figuring out what to copy, actually copying your files and waiting for them to finish transferring, and then figuring out where to keep the flash drive or hard drive when you’re done.

Most people start out with the best of intentions, but quickly lose interest and back-up far less frequently than they should. The worst part is that as long as the flash drive or external hard drive are stored at the same location as the computer, this is only adequate if the computer just crashes. What if there was a fire? Tornado? Theft?

Would you have peace-of-mind that your digital photos or other important documents were safe?

The answer to your backup problems:  Off-site Backup.

With our off-site backup, a program is installed on your computer, and you tell it what you want to back-up. This program then securely encrypts a copy of your files and sends them securely to an off-site location – all in the background, on its’ own. As you add or change your documents, pictures, or other files, they are also backed-up every day, automatically, helping to create a worry-free, hassle-free backup solution.

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