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IMAP Email Settings

Only use these settings if you're sure you should use IMAP settings. For help deciding, click here.

Here are the most common fields and the appropriate answers. It may look confusing, but your computer or mobile device should ask for each setting specifically -- all you have to do is fill them in.

We encourage you to use/enable SSL when possible. If you enable SSL and are notified of certificate issues, see if there's an option to "Accept all Certificates". This option varies by device. Otherwise you may want to disable SSL.

Account Type: IMAP

Name: Your Name

Incoming Server
If using SSL: Incoming Port: 993
If not using SSL: Incoming Port: 143 

Outgoing Server:
If using SSL: Outgoing Port: 465
If not using SSL: Outgoing Port: 587

Important: If you have trouble sending email, make sure your outgoing port isn't the default 25. This may be under an "Advanced Settings" or similar button. You should change this to Port 587, or 465 if using SSL.

Last updated: over a year ago