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Ting: Mobile that makes sense.

If you're anything like we were, you're probably frustrated with your mobile service provider. Weird fees, line items that seem to come out of nowhere (what exactly is a "recovery fee?"), overage charges on plans that are supposed to be unlimited, poor customer service and the like.

We think you'll appreciate Ting mobile service from our partner Tucows.

Are you overpaying for mobile service? Probably!

Ting offers fair pricing, no-hold customer support, clear easy to read bills, plus the online tools you need to take complete control of your account.

You can have unlimited devices on one plan. Each device on a plan costs only $6/mo. (even for iPhones!) to have active and uses a shared pool of minutes, messages and megabytes between all your devices. The rates actually get better the more you use, and there are never overages!

If you happen to use more than usual during a month -- planning a family reunion, perhaps -- you're bumped up to the next "bucket" only for that particular feature (minutes, text, or megabytes) for the month, but unlike the traditional carriers, who charge a ton more if you use more, your per-unit cost is cheaper the more you use.

Did I mention the powerful online control panel? You can take complete control of each device on your account. You can turn off data on some phones while enabling it on others, set limits for how many text messages can be sent by a given phone in a given month, and receive alerts when a device (or your whole account) reaches a certain level of usage for minutes, messages or megabytes.

In short, Ting is a pretty radical new way to do mobile. If you're interested, scroll to the bottom and use our affiliate link to get a $25 credit on your bill or first device! More Info

Ting - Mobile that makes sense.

What sort of coverage does Ting offer?

Ting's wireless network services are provided on the Nationwide Sprint Network throughout the United States.

How is Ting different?

  • No contracts. Truly and completely contract-free. No early termination fees or other BS.
  • No bundling or ride-along services. Your minutes, text messages, and data are all billed separetely.
  • No add-on charges. Voicemail, Caller-ID, Tethering, Hotspot, Three-way Calling, Call Fowarding and more are all included.
  • No mysterious line items on your bill. Ting charges for what you used plus whatever taxes they're legally required to collect. No hidden charges or recovery fees!
  • Unlimited devices on one plan. Have as many devices as you want on one plan sharing a single pool of minutes, messages, and megabytes. Each device costs a flat $6/mo!
  • No-hold customer support. Call them at 855-TING-FTW anytime between 7AM - 10PM CST (11AM - 7PM on weekends) and a real person will pick up the phone!

What about the phones? What can I get?!

From new, high-end smart phones, to basic feature phones, you can get a new or  refurbished device right from Ting. You can also use almost any Sprint phone (as long as it's out of contract, of course.) You can even use the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, and 5S!

We've helped a lot of people switch to Ting with used Sprint phones to save money up-front, and the savings all-around definitely make this something you should seriously consider!

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