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Official Pitch

Are you tired of that old antivirus program that makes your PC slow down to a crawl, interrupting what you are doing with slow scan times, and causing problems and nagging you? Time for a change to next-generation antispyware that IS NOT a resource hog

VIPRE Internet Security is high-performance antivirus software that doesn't slow down your PC like older, traditional security products. You can kiss your antivirus bloatware goodbye. The press loves it, and VIPRE has been VB100 and ICSA certified, which means you get world-class protection.

Our Own Comments

Let's get one thing straight:  We're not going to recommend a product we don't truly believe in. We work far to closely with our clients to push an inferior product because of a higher bottom-line.

Vipre Internet Security not only watches your system in real-time for viral activity, it also blocks bad websites from ever loading in the first place, as soon as they're discovered. It also keeps your third-party software like Flash Player, Java, and Adobe Reader updated -- very important to help prevent virus infections!

Many of the leading and most popular names in antivirus are either flat-out ineffective, or simply slow your computer down unforgiveably. In fact, we can't stand most of them. Most people don't realize how badly their antivirus software can actually slow your computer down instead of doing what they so many of them claim: To make your computer faster.

In the course of repairing hundreds (thousands?) of computers, we've had just about any antivirus product you can think of come across our workbench. Surprising for many, when a computer that is "too slow" comes in, it is often much  quicker and more responsive after we simply remove the previous antivirus software.

Vipre Internet Security