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Data Recovery - Computers

If your computer has crashed, or you have lost data by accidental deletion, file corruption, etc. the best advice I can give is to turn the computer off, leave it off, and contact us to take a look at it. The more you use the computer or attempt to recover your files yourself, the worse the chances of recovery are.

While no recovery is guaranteed, we have successfully recovered data from operating system crashes, corrupt drives/partitions, file deletions, and failing hard drives.

Important Note: The worst thing you can do, from a data recovery perspective, is insert the disk that came with your computer to re-install the operating system. While this will likely make your computer work again, it will almost always overwrite any remaining personal files and programs -- and make your computer just like it was the day you brought it home.

Camera / Phone Memory Cards

The same advice applies here as well; even if you've actually accidentally formatted your card -- STOP. Don't take any more pictures, and don't let anything else write to the card. The more you do, the more chance that any remaining data will be overwritten.

We've saved hundreds of our clients' photos from corrupt and formatted memory cards. If you need help, don't hesitate to contact us!

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