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Malware Removal :: On-site or Remotely

Do you suspect your computer is infected with malware? Maybe your computer has gotten really slow recently, or maybe you are receiving pop-ups or other messages alerting you to an infection.

If you are receiving alerts, chances are you're infected. However, make sure these alerts are actually coming from the antivirus program that you have installed. Many times, these are rogue, un-invited programs that behave or appear like a real antivirus program, but are simply creating problems and then alerting you to them, or sometimes simply alerting you to problems that don't even exist, for the sole purpose of extorting money from you to "fix" these problems (which paying for the program almost certainly won't do). Once infected, many of these problems require advanced knowledge and techniques to remove.

Regardless, if you're not comfortable attempting to fix these problems, or if you've tried your best and still have issues (you are still reading this, after all), we are here to help.

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