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Website Hosting & Development

Website Hosting

Many web design & development firms go the cheap route, using "reseller" hosting on an over-crowded web server that's hosting hundreds (or thousands) of other  websites.

We use dedicated web servers, which means that only our  clients are on our servers. This means more performance for you!

We completely manage all aspects of our hosting environment, and promise that your website will run top-notch.

Mankato Website Hosting
Mankato Website Hosting
Hosting Control Panel
Hosting Control Panel
Control Panel

We use the leader and industry-standard of hosting control panels, giving you full control over your hosting account.

If you'd rather not dive into the control panel yourself, we're always happy to take care of it for you. In fact, most of our clients have us manage everything for them.

Email Hosting

Don't use your personal email for your business! Our web hosting has email hosting included, so you get your address at no additional charge.

We don't have a specific limit as to how many addresses/mailboxes you can utilize, because that just doesn't seem fair to us, but we do reserve the right to impose a limit at some point in the future, if it becomes necessary.

Unsolicited mail will not be tolerated. Using our servers to send any form of unsolicited mail is strictly prohibited. Any user found to be using our servers to send unsolicited email will have their account disabled. Note: We have yet to ever need to enforce this rule.

Existing users -- for our email settings, just click here or call us for assistance setting up your device(s).

Custom Email Hosting
Custom Email Hosting